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Life as we know it so far...(mt)

We were born in a log cabin... No, that would be that guy down the road in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Since we figure anyone coming to this web site must already know us, we're going to stick to the more recent news.

We became home owners! This summer, we bought a condo in Burlington, KY and we're so happy with it. The back deck overlooks a county park and we're close enough to our local Y that we can walk there in good weather. We have a guest room so come visit!

We continued to work towards leading healthier lives and becoming more fit by working out in the Y's pool. This month, we've added walking to the mix.

We took another Disney cruise, but this time we were lucky enough to travel with Carla's parents plus Uncle Francis and Aunt Donna. One highlight was getting to enjoy brunch at Palo (the adults only restaurant) in the private dining room. We felt so special!

Carla added Faculty Senate president to her responsibilities at Cincinnati State and is still working to build the new Communication and Theater department. Right now, she's having fun teaching an honors class on Disney.

Tom is thrilled to finally have a real workshop in the basement and has already used it to fix up things around the condo. He's getting ready to experiment with baking bread more now that we have more space in the kitchen. Next project? Brewing beer!

We continue to visit our favorite weekend getaway spot - Brown County, Indiana. We go there at least four times a year. We have to since we are members of the Chateau Thomas Wine Club and they can't ship to Kentucky! Actually, that's just our excuse to escape to the "Little Smokies" once a quarter. It's a sacrifice we're willing to make.

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