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Nov. 2007 Cruise and WDW Trip


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November 2007 4-night Disney Cruise and Walt Disney World Trip

Welcome to a different type of trip report. Thanks to Twitter (think really short blogs - only 140 characters each) and FlipVideo, we are doing an "as it happens" trip report this time. It should be interesting if nothing else! Oh, and more likely to get done! All comments in italics are supplemental to fill in when we couldn't twitter.

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Friday, November 2nd

Saturday, November 3rd

Sunday, November 4th

DCL TerminalDCL TerminalDCL Embarkation

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the complete photo.

tom_streeter - All checked in at the port and waiting for them to call group 11 so we can board. They just called 4, so it won't be long. Painless so far 11:58 AM November 04, 2007

Monday, November 5th

view from our cabin
DVC gift
It's a tote bag...
DVC gift
It's a beach towel for two!
DVC giveaways
Other DVC goodies

Tuesday, November 6th

Tom    Carla

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June 2006
Nov. 2007
November 2007

Pirate Stitch

Wednesday, November 7th



Thursday, November 8th

Friday, November 9th

Tom at Barbar Shop

Segway logoSegway signRon
Us on the Segways

Saturday, November 10th

Sunday, November 11th

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